Marty v0.10 will be the last major release by James Hollingworth

I started working on Marty last year in response to my dissatisfaction with the existing Flux libraries out there. 9 months later I no longer feel the same way and so I'm sad to say Marty v0.10 will be the last major release. Truth be told I've done a flummox and started using redux. I recommend you check it out, it really is a better way of thinking about flux.

For those who have built apps on top of Marty, I'm sorry for the inconvinience. I recommend you look at migrating to Alt, the differences between Marty & Alt are mostly superficial now. There are a few features missing however @goatslacker and @taion are working on migrating them over. In the interim we will continue to accept pull requests and there will likely be the occasional patch.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped work on Marty and improve the code base. Especially to @taion who has been a constant source of help and pull requests.